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  • If I can't go to a visit, can you go in my place?
    Yes, we will come to the visits if your schedule does not coincide with the visits. We take pictures and make a video. Together with our written report, this gives you a good overview and avoids you to miss opportunities. The service is included in our fees without supplement, subject to our availability.
  • In which regions are you active?
    Historically based in Lausanne, we now cover the entire Lake Geneva region, from Geneva to Montreux.
  • How long does it take to find an apartment?
    On average, we need 1 to 3 months. This depends on the quality of your case and on your luck. We regularly find clients in urgent situations within 1 to 3 weeks. Other less urgent but very precise searches take several months. Your level of requirements in relation to the realities of the market and your reactivity are the main factors.
  • What documents do you need?
    Before our first meeting, we will ask you to send us: copy of your identity card ; copy of your residence permit (if applicable); copy of your solvency certificate from the debt collection office (less than 3 months old - original to be given to us at the interview); 3 last salary slips, work contract, or bank certificate or pension certificates; copy of your civil liability insurance policy. These same documents must also be provided to us for a possible guarantor (please consult us on this subject).
  • Do you have contacts in the management companies?
    We have been active in the field of real estate research for many years and have built up a network of agencies with whom we maintain good relations. We work with all the professional agencies and honest owners. These contacts are sometimes useful in the allocation process of housing for our agents. Our experience with hundreds of housed clients increases the confidence of the housing authorities and landlords, who are often the final decision makers. However, our contacts do not guarantee that we will obtain housing, as the competition remains tough in a market as tense as that of the Lake Geneva region. Luck and the quality of your file remain the first elements that will influence the owner's decision.
  • Do you have any advance warning or early information?
    Sometimes, some landlords and owners report objects to us before putting them on the market. Tenants leaving an apartment and needing to find a buyer contact us to let us know about their apartment. However, most of the objects we offer come from the public market.
  • What is the size of the units you are searching for?
    We search for accommodations of all sizes, from studios to villas.
  • How do you find objects?
    All day long we study the market (real estate portals, real estate agency websites, classified ads, direct contacts in property management companies, etc.). We call the management, the tenants or the janitors to complete the information and organize the visits.
  • How do I submit my application to the agency?
    You just have to give us an OK as soon as possible, and we will bring your file with our recommendation as soon as possible. It is indeed not uncommon to see apartments being allocated in the morning following the visit.

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